Play lotto globally

What is the world's largest lottery agent on the internet? If you are you using this service you can attend all the major lotteries around the world, and it is completely safe to use the service.

EuroLotto was started well over 10 years ago and is a veteran to work in the internet age. The service has become popular worldwide, and is primarily used by lottery players who want to participate in EuroLottoy outside their own country.

Most lottery games sell mainly their lottery tickets in the country. Do you participate in other lotteries must move or leave the country, or a little easier: use of a lottery agent.

Play any big lottery in the world

EuroLotto is the largest lottery agent in the world, and they offer their services to anyone who wants to play here. That is, compared to online gambling, a fairly innocuous service. Lotto associated not with gambling such as poker and online casino, and you bet normally not very much money. We play lotto to have fun and to get a unique opportunity to win a lot of money.

We have received several questions from lottery players, and answer these questions here:

How much can I win?

Lotteries that are available from EuroLotto include major multinational lotteries, such as EuroMillions, and large lotteries in the United States. Here is the grand prize often hundreds of million jackpot and can in some cases be worth half a billion dollars/euros! Of course you can also win smaller cash prizes, and some lotteries with great support (eg the Spanish El Gordo lottery) focuses rather on many medium than 1 million giant cash prize.

Main argument to play EuroLotto is first and foremost that you can enjoy all kinds of lotteries around the world. Prizes range from small lottery winnings to several hundred million! Here you will find world famous lotto games Powerball USA, the European multi - country lottery EuroMillions, MegaMillions U.S., and many more.

How quickly they pay my lottery prize?

Do you EuroLotto you can be assured of fast payouts when you win a lottery prize. They have hundreds of thousands of users, and the service is becoming more popular by the day. If you want to play for the big money, choose EuroLotto.

What options are EuroLotto?

There are no reasonable alternatives to EuroLotto (unless you commute weekly to countries like USA, England, France, Brazil or Australia and want to buy your lottery tickets over the counter in these countries). If you attend several lotteries from around the world, EuroLotto currently the only full-fledged alternative. Of course you can set up your own lottery syndicate with associates around the world, but why make it so complicated. EuroLotto take no commission on your winnings, and you keep the premium.

How is it possible to participate in lotto games worldwide?

EuroLotto has offices stationed in a number of countries where they buy EuroLottoy ranks on behalf of their clients. When you book a lotto number of EuroLotto, information about EuroLottoy numbers / lotto games you have purchased will be forwarded to a local EuroLotto office. Let's say you play Powerball in the United States. Then EuroLotto office in the U.S. to purchase lottery coupons that you have ordered.

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