How to win lottery

There is only one way to win EuroLottoy, make sure you win the grand prize and gets full jackpot. This method is unfortunately not economically viable and is in practice a bad project. Can you guess what it is?

Main prize EuroLottoy, there are many who dream about winning, but it's a sure strategy to win the grand prize?

There 's hope for the one who plays EuroLottoy is of course to win the grand prize. You choose 6 or 7 correct numbers, depending on which lottery you play, and you are immediately multi-millionaire! How wonderful it had not been?

Is there a strategy that can guarantee that you will win the grand prize?

Yes, it does!

To be 100 % sure to win the grand prize, you must buy all the possible number combinations. The price of this is sky high, we tend to talk billions of dollars, and almost always you will lose overall. The gain is lower than what it costs to buy all number combinations.

To put it another way: There is no warrant ways to make money on EuroLottoy. There are no strategies that can guarantee profits.

You can also bet on buying such. 5% or 20 % of all number combinations. Then you have respectively 5% or 20 % chance of winning the grand prize, and this can make, of course only if you win. Risky, and still very, very expensive. Not many people can afford to buy even a small percentage of all the possible number combinations.

Disadvantage of this strategy is that it is bad business for you. The method is totally uprofitabel, and extremely expensive.

Play lotto and be happy ever after

It's true. That's how the story goes. If you play lotto you will be happy. Even if you lose a few dollars, or euros, or whatever currency you are using, you will get the excitement. And that's what EuroLottoies are all about.

We do not think EuroLottoy should be a game where you run large gambling. Stay up to an amount you are comfortable using, and have fun with playing.

A good advice is to forget everything called probabilities and strategies. Play to win and to have fun. Choose the numbers you feel, that's how most people win EuroLottoy.

Use the internet to play lotto

There are many fun options for those who want to play EuroLottoy.

You use the internet you have the opportunity to play in many different lotteries around the world, and there are daily giveaways of several million, almost weekly, you have the opportunity to win the top prize of over a hundred million

Read and learn how to play the biggest and best lotteries in the world.

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