The World's Luckiest Lottery Millionaires

Here is the amazing stories of some of the luckiest lottery millionaires in the world. Disclaimer: After reading these stories we couldn't resist doubling our lottery budget... You might get tempted as well!

To become a lottery millionaire you must have luck, but some have more luck than others. The Croatian man Frane Selak be involved in five near-death accidents. He survived with only minor injuries. Then he lotto millionaire!

The luckiest person on earth?

He has been involved in more serious accidents, yet perhaps the luckiest.

Each time, Frane Sleak miraculously come out of it with only a few scratches. And as if that were not enough, he finally won a lot of money in EuroLottoy

Is he lucky or unlucky? Pour in the accident, perhaps. You can judge for yourself:

  • 1962 - Train derailed and he ended up in the river: Frane was a passenger on the train that was heading to Dubrovnik, Croatia. The train derailed guides, and drove straight into the river. 17 people died, many were serious injured, but one person, Frane, emerged from it all without a scratch.
  • 1963 - Plane crash: Frane put on the plane from Zagreb, capital of Croatia. He was on his way to Rijeka and the flyferden opened a door by itself, and 19 people died. Frane miraculously woke up in a highly mobile on the ground, also this time without serious injuries and well alive.
  • 1966 - Bus Accident: Four were killed when the bus crashed, ran off the road and landed in a river. Frane came from it all without any damage.
  • 1970 - Car on fire: Frane's car caught fire while he was on the road. He got out just in time and just after he jumped out the car exploded. Had he been in the car a few seconds later he died, but he came from it all without a scratch.
  • 1973 - Car on fire, again: A fire in the air vents reshaped seat to a barbecue zone. Again, he almost completely unharmed from the incident, he had just burned off some hair.
  • 1995 - Almost killed by Bus: Frane was hit by a bus in Zagreb. Despite the fact that such accidents often end in death, he let away with only minor injuries.
  • 1996 - Almost killed by truck: Frane had run off the road to escape a truck coming toward him in the wrong lane. He pulled off a steep cliff, and manages to jump out of the car and hold on to a tree. The car exploded 300 feet further down.
  • 2003 - Won EuroLottoy. Frane won $1 million in the Croatian lottery.

Frane is truly one lucky person. Or is he? He could have won much more, but ended up winning just a "small" jackpot. At least he have his life, and after all, what could be more important.

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Used lottery system and won $ 220 million

Brad Duke won $ 220 million. Instead of spending the money, he decided to invest money on. The goal is to become dollar billionaires!

Brad Duke, a Gold's Gym franchise owner from Idaho (USA), won the million-gain her by playing on Powerball. This is the largest U.S. lottery, and has paid some of the greatest prizes ever (If you want to play Powerball, you can do so now by clicking the link above).

$ 220 million had not enough

Most people would perhaps relaxed, laid off away from work (or quit altogether), bought something big and fancy a bit indulgent luxury. Mr. Duke did not.

Duke was not happy with "only" have millions of dollars on account. He would be dollar billionaire, and is on its way. He has hired a team of financial advisors have told that the target may be achievable for 12-15 years, that he may expect to be projected dollar billionaire by the year 2019 to 2022.

Which lottery system used Brad Duke to win money?

Lotto System to Duke was based on lottery numbers in the Powerball for the last 6 months. He chose the 15 numbers that had been drawn the most times during this period, and used these numbers to tip with, without any further methodology. That is a pretty simple lotto system

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Burglar won $ 57 million

After Fred Topous from Michigan (USA) got out of jail, he won the main prize of millions in one of America's biggest lotteries. Lotto gave him a second chance, you might say!

Topus were previous convictions for burglary and had been in prison several times. Last time he was released in 2006.

In 2008, he won the main prize at Mega Millions lottery, a million jackpot at a whopping $ 57 million

Now he can afford to buy anything he wants. He probably will not to commit further burglaries at first.

He is not the first criminal who win big in EuroLottoy. People who have committed heinous crimes have won big lottery prizes before (for example, won inmate Michael Carrol big in EuroLottoy, and he had to obtain rewards with police escort and ankle chains. A more ironic case is child abuser Alec Ahsoak who wins in a Lottery which goes to support overgripsoffre).

Back to Fred Topus, it appears that he has gotten his life on track. He told the press that he has used EuroLottoy to buy a house and prepare for a college life for his boy. He has told that the gain has been a great relief, because now he does not struggle to make ends meet, and he will be able to pay their bills for the rest of their lives.

Let's hope the lucky winners Fred Topus doing something good for the world to compensate for their past crimes.

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The honest lotto millionaire

It pays to be honest. What would you do if you found a lottery ticket worth $ 7.6 million (46 million)? Here is an amazing lottery story that emphasizes the importance of honesty.

Here is an interesting lotto history from the archives.

William Murphy in 1986 found a wallet belonging husband Jean-Guy Lavigueur. In the wallet were both money and lottery tickets.

William checked the numbers on the coupon to the winning numbers, and it turned out that EuroLottoy ticket was worth $ 7.6 million U.S. dollars (adjusted for inflation with the current level is this amount multiplied).

Wallet was returned, but the temptation was too great, so he kept the coupons. Next day decided against William himself and turned back lotto coupons too.

Jean-Guy Lavigueur was of course incredibly grateful, and he bought me a beer at William. But not enough, as thanks for his honesty, he was one-sixth of the prize of about $ 1.27 million.

Remember this the next time you face a moral dilemma: Honesty is the best

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Winning Powerball jackpot, wasted $315 million

Andrew Jackson Whittaker is a businessman from West Virginia who won $ 315 million in December 2002. Now everything is gone, and he is also broke.

Andrew Jackson Whittaker attended the famous Powerball lottery and won what was then a record winning EuroLottoy: $315 million.

This amazing prize would be enough to live a life of luxury for the rest of the life of Whittaker and his family in dozens of generations. But no, that did not happen.

To justify the story, so Whittaker managed to do something good with their money before he completely opaque. He gave the lady who sold soldered a new house and a car, he arranged for the poor with food, clothing and shelter, and he gave away 10% of the premium to a Christian charity. Apart from this, the rest of the gain squandered on casino games and strip clubs.

Lotto millionaire is currently broke, and with large sums in unpaid legal bills.

When you win as much money in EuroLottoy, you know a bit what not to do. Lottery makes a lot of things with their money, we have been hearing, and when it finally becomes your turn to win is a lot you can learn from others' mistakes.

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Andrew Jackson Whittaker won nearly 2 billion in Powerball. Even a small proportion of this had been a lot of money for many, and a second prize in this giant lottery is not to be despised!

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Won £25 million. Now, he will grow carrots!

Lottery millionaires is not like other millionaires. Lotto millionaire Brian Caswell did not go crazy when he won £ 25 million in EuroLottoy. He wanted to grow carrots in the garden.

When Brian Caswell (74), approximately 230 million richer after playing at Euro Millions, there was one thing he wanted more than anything else: to grow carrots in the garden.

He had been struggling to get to grow carrots in the garden, but he had never succeeded completely with... Until he won the Euro Millions lottery. When asked what he would do with the money, he replied that he would hire professional gardeners to deal with carrot growing in her garden.

Brian Caswell had a tradition to take his mother on a shopping spree every Friday morning. She used to buy lottery tickets, and when she came home she shared the lotto coupons to everyone. She used to ask everyone to pick a coupon, and søndsgsmorgen she called to ask if anyone had won.

After-law passed away, it's Brian who has taken over the tradition. In June 2009 he won £ 10 on Euro Millions, and the following week he went to check if he had won again. He was a bit optimistic because he had gained 10 pounds during the previous week, and thought maybe he would win a small prize this week too. That was when he found out he had won £ 25 million British pounds.

Besides cultivating carrots have lotto millionaire also plans to buy a new Range Rover, and although he is well traveled there are places in the world where he has not yet been, and South America and especially Rio de Janeiro in Brazil are places he want to visit. He also wants to put their feet on Mount Everest, he has flown over the mountain once, but never stood at the foot of the world's mountains.

Brian Caswell is a rollicking adventure lotto millionaire, and much money is age no obstacle.

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Bought 700 lottery tickets, won money on all!

A man from New Jersey bought 700 lottery tickets because he had a special dream. He was convinced he was going to win money on all coupons.

William Harvey from New Jersey (USA) had a dream one night. He dreamed of his mother, who was born 29 December or 29.12.

This dream inspired him to play the "Win 4" is a game in the New York lottery that costs $ 1 to attend. He chose the course number in 2912 when he was playing. Not enough with that, he bought 700 lottery tickets with that number.

So this number, 2912 were drawn in EuroLottoy draw, he won all 700 weights. He won $ 5,000 on each card, which gives a profit of $ 4,999 (since the ticket cost $ 1 apiece). His reward was thus $ 3,499,300 or just over 20 million! Talk about being lucky!

Money he plans to use to buy a house and pay some bills. And maybe buy some more tickets in New Jersey lottery, it does appear to be completely wasted it either!

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